Its about unity and mobilization! Contact your members of Congress right now!

Millions of Americans have watched some of the most fundamental aspects of their daily lives be thrown into chaos. Shortages of the most basic things we use every day are common and our savings have been gutted by inflation. 

This goes beyond the pandemic. This crisis is the result of failure and incompetence by an administration and Congress whose only response is more spending, more waste, and more control over your life.

This must end. Contact your Members of Congress right now. Urge them to stop Biden’s so-called “Build Back Better” plan and finally get to work on restoring America!

“Build Back Better” is just more of the same multi-trillion dollar waste, fraud, and abuse that got us here.

More government control over healthcare. Trillions in spending on job-destroying “Green New Deal” schemes. Even expanded tax cuts for wealthy landowners.

Jolie, our kids have been saddled with more debt and weaker paychecks in a year than in the last decade. Tell Congress ENOUGH. Tell them to stand up for fiscal sanity and stop “Build Back Better.”


While I wish I could say all this bill would do is waste our money, it gets worse. Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan would actually give the government EVEN MORE control over YOUR healthcare

You read that right, Jolie. This bill gives the same politicians who created a massive shortage of COVID tests and therapeutic treatments control over how you get vital medicines. 

Beyond that, it would severely cripple the development of cures for horrific illnesses, like Alzheimer’s and cancer. 

That’s why Americans for Prosperity is continuing a nationwide campaign to stop this bill, and any other attempt to give Washington more control over our medicine cabinets. 

But this means nothing without the action and support of Americans like you. If you don’t step up to the plate, there’s no telling how far they’ll go.

The politicians failed us on COVID. Don’t let them control more of your healthcare. Please, Jolie, send your Member of Congress a message now. Tell them: NO GOVERNMENT PRICE CONTROLS.


Emily Seidel
President and CEO
Americans for Prosperity

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