Arizona Audit Results will be released Friday, Sept 24th, 2021

The amount of fraud discovered in the Arizona audit which will be made public Friday, the 24th, is beyond staggering and mind numbing. Here’s a post from a reliable source: “Good news has been hard to come by for a LONG time, so I’m so happy to bask in the glow of this confirmation from Arizona State Senator Col Wendy Rogers, that the Arizona audit results will be released on the floor of the Arizona State Senate this Friday, September 24 – and that the routers WILL BE INCLUDED!

Contrary to the deprecating claims of all the nay-sayers, Sen Rogers confirms to Stew Peters that it’s happening and that the results will prove that massive fraud occurred in her state during the 2020 Election.She says that the next step is for Arizona to decertify their election. Her petition to decertify has already garnered over 950,000 signatures.Hopefully, other states will follow Arizona’s example. She says she’s in touch with Conservative state legislators in Georgia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and is advising them.MIND-CURDLING FRAUD For a peek at the labyrinthine fraud that is about to come out, the State of Arizona cross-checked more than 673,000 voter applicants’ profiles with the Social Security Administration and found that 393,017, or 58% of credentials did not have matching records with the SSA, according to the Gateway Pundit.

Of those, 269,493 were “lost” and “ghost” voters. Canvassers have discovered homes where one family has lived for over twenty years, that have dozens of these fake voters fraudulently associated with their addresses.

Bobby Piton is a portfolio manager and a forensic accountant who’s been working for nearly a year on the Arizona Audit. Speaking before an audience last August, he said that a mind-curdling scam is being run through the voter rolls:”

I would even say look into AirBnBs…they’re starting to figure out creative ways to make money using the property; renting it out while they get voters registered in those properties.

“Think about how conniving these folks are. They raise money to buy properties so that then they could put a bunch of people into those properties that nobody knows how to check on and…we’re just scratching the surface…”I think that all the stuff that they’re throwing at us right now, with CRT, with the masks, with trying to do all these things are distractions. The real game is they’re trying to figure out how to buy up properties across the United States, in the areas that they’re not as strong in to backfill votes in the future.

“Another reason why we need to clean up these voter rolls: the Federal Government last year, all this COVID money, a lot of it was probably being sent to the very same phantom voters; the fraudulent voters across the country. They were sending checks, for example to Arizona for a bunch of phantom voters. They were being cashed in California and they were actually being sold on the black market in China!

“And then you sit there and you’re like, ‘Bobby, how are they paying for BLM and Antifa terrorist groups?’ They’re paying for it with our own money through fictitious people, because we didn’t clean the voter rolls.

“So, I can’t stress it enough, we’re getting taken by tens of billions of dollars, federally. Then, they turn around and they don’t care about our votes, because they know they’re rigging the machines. So, it’s make it or break in 2022, Folks.

“Either we clean this up now or they’re literally going to kill us and take this country away from us.”***And just this past Monday, September 20th, Piton tweeted: Trillions of dollars was stolen from the Federal Government since 9/11/01.This Gigantic Fraud is most likely tied to the Virus and ‘padding the death rolls’ to kill off millions of phantom people (and phantom voters) that never existed physically…Illegal immigration was an attempt to backfill the [voter] rolls and assign immigrants to all of these fraudulent identities, that not only fleeced the Federal and State Governments, but also laundered hundreds of billions annually through fraudulent shell companies on US soil and Overseas (trade figures helped pull off this piece of the launder)What the heck folks, this is so much worse than I ever imagined.

Bush’s, Clinton’s and Obama’s are the prime suspects in this Trillion Dollar heist and need to be interrogated before this is all over. This is all very disturbing and disheartening.

Please Pray for our Nation.

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