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Meet Josh Barnett, Candidate for Congress, Arizona
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Sarah Sanders



Lara Trump

LINDSEY GRAHAM Backs LARA TRUMP Run for N.C. Senate !!





Candace Rojas

My name is Candace Rojas & I’m running for Palm Beach Town Council- an OPEN SEAT! As an independent thinker, I will be the voice of the people-on the North End, Midtown, Worth Avenue and South End of Palm Beach! My core values are Faith, Family & Freedom. Although I’m not an insider, I’ve been inspired to run for office & serve the community because I care about people, while my opponent is known for caring about buildings. The Town of Palm Beach is a special place, with special people. I plan to preserve the history, tradition and iconic flavor of the town while exploring innovative ways to make it better!Please turn in your mail in ballots today and/or vote for me in person on March 9, 2021!

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