Dr Steve Turley

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May 6th, 2021: Black Lives Matter Issues New DEMANDS as Olympics Officially BAN ‘BLM’ Demonstrations!!!

May 5th, 2021: Trump LASHES OUT at ABSURD Facebook BAN as SPAIN Turns to the POPULIST RIGHT!!!

May 5th, 2021: Woke Colleges are CLOSING DOWN PERMANENTLY Throughout the Nation!!!

May 4th, 2021: REBELLION Against RINOs as GOP Support for Liz Cheney and Lisa Murkowski IMPLODES!!!

May 4th, 2021: Macron PANICS as SHOCK POLL Reveals 73% Believe France is Headed Towards CIVIL WAR!!!

April 2nd, 2021: Watch “European Nations Form New PATRIOT ALLIANCE to MAKE EUROPE GREAT AGAIN!!!” on YouTube

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