General Flynn and Clay Clark ReAwaken America Tour!

BREAKING!!! 5 Big Updates | General Flynn’s Health & Freedom Conference Heads to Anaheim, California Request tickets NOW at or TEXT 918-851-0102

The tour features: General Flynn, Mike Lindell, Doctor Scott Jensen, Ian Smith, Roger Stone, Melissa Tate, Dave Scarlett, Doctor Simone Gold, Patrick Byrne, Scott McCay, Anna Khait, Sam Sorbo, Joey Gilbert, Doctor Sherri Tenpenny, Del Bigtree, Doctor Judy Mikovits, Steve Maxwell, Alfie Oakes, Sidney Powell, Doctor Alan Keyes, Pastor Artur Pawlowski, Mike Provenzano, Amanda Grace, Pastor Mark Burns, etc. 

Behind-the-Scenes Tampa Video Footage – Dr. Simone Gold Will Be Hosting a Town Hall Event On Wednesday June 30th at 6:30 – 8:30 PM at Clay Clark’s OfficeRead Fauci’s Nefarious 3,234
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