Georgia Audit: Who is Ruby Freeman

Dec 4th, 2020: Article in NEW VIDEO Shows Anti-Trump Georgia Ballot Counter Ruby Freeman with Piles of Ballots, Walking Past Boxes of Ballots, Working Alone in Cubes WITH NO GOP OBSERVERS IN SIGHT!

Ruby Freeman All Videos Together Georgia Possible Voting Fraud and Ballot Stuffing Ruby Freeman and her daughter Shaye Moss were seen on CCTV ordering Republican poll watchers and media from the building stating the vote counting had stopped and would resume at 8 PM. The and four others stayed behind and began pulling ballots out that were hidden under a table. It shows Ruby putting ballots through the scanner 3 times! It also shows Ruby handing something small (small enough to fit in her palm, and Shaye Moss then looking around the room to see who was looking before sneaking it into her pocket. It looks like it could be a USB. Democrats and Dominion voting software employees have been accused of using USB sticks to interfere in the election.

Dec 5th, 2021: Zoomed version of Ruby Freeman committing massive voter fraud in #georgia

Dec 5th, 2021: Ruby Freeman Tells Reporter THIS IS BIGGER THAN ME

Dec 5th, Dec 5th, 2020: Ruby Freeman stealing votes

Dec 5th, 2020: Handing usb drive to daughter, daughter slides it in man’s pocket

Dec 5th, 2020: Are Ruby Freeman & Co Working the Senate Runoffs?

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