Our team’s list of 2020 Presidential Election Lawsuits continues to be very well received — even appearing on OAN TV a few times!

I’m sending you this notice as I’ve just issued a major update of it, with over a hundred additions, improvements, etc. The latest version is dated 2-4-21.

FYI in our investigation into this topic, we found that there are over 500 lawsuits(!) that have been filed pertaining to 2020 election matters. We’ve now gone through every one and have listed 80 (plus appeals) as pertinent to the Presidential election. (Those are what our list is about.)

Another challenge is that this is still a very active area, with new cases still being filed, as well as existing cases being appealed, consolidated, withdrawn, or adjudicated almost daily.

In other words we have a living document here, that we will do our best to keep current.

Here is my overview sister document — which I’ll also try to keep up-to-date.

IMO the most significant takeaway is that Trump and the GOP actually won 2/3 of the cases (21) that were fully heard (e.g. with evidence)!

That the mainstream media continues to say that judges have ruled against Trump in almost all of his lawsuits is an extraordinary departure from reality.

Please pass this important information on, so that we can correct that deception.

Let me know any questions.


John Droz, jr.

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