Simon Parkes: Conservative News Updates

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April 10th, 2021: Simon Parkes talkshow 4/10/2021 with Doug Billings

April 9th, 2021: or

April 6th, 2021:

April 6th, 2021:

April 5th, 2021:

April 1st, 2021:

March 20th, 2021: Doug’s latest interview with Simon Parkes, – Doug Billings

Simon Parkes Talk show 3/14/2021

Simon Parkes Update: March 8th, 2021. Hillary Clinton Emails. I have now had 2 separate reports that action was taken against Hillary Clinton. Relating to the NSA having succeeded in getting beyond the ‘acid scrub’ that was used to delete emails. The reports I have received go beyond simple infringements relating to money and national security.

Simon Parkes Talk show 3/1/2021

Feb 28th, 2021: 24th February Update Current News (

Feb 21st, 2021:

Dec 21st, 2020:

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