The Blazing Press: Conservative News

April 26th, 2021: The Dollar is Going DIGITAL — And Your PRIVACY is At Stake

April 10th, 2021:

April 8th, 2021:

March 30th, 2021: Ted Cruz EXPOSES Biden Admin’s Darkest Secrets On Crisis At the Border

March 11th, 2021:


Feb 26th, 2021: Rand Paul responds to accusations of ‘transphobia’ over questioning Rachel Levine on sex changes for children – TheBlaze

Feb 26th, 2021: Conservatives and progressives hammer past tweets from Biden, Harris, and Psaki attacking Trump for airstrikes in Syria after they do the same – TheBlaze

Feb 23rd, 2021: New York journalist says Gov. Cuomo ‘terrorized’ him for daring to do his job, challenges reporters to ‘tell their own Cuomo stories’ – TheBlaze

Feb 23rd, 2021: Left-wing author Naomi Wolf sounds alarm to Tucker Carlson: America becoming ‘totalitarian state before everyone’s eyes’ – TheBlaze

Feb 23rd, 2021: Biden administration reopens Trump-era migrant children housing facility – TheBlaze

Feb 28th, 2021: Bill Maher slams woke social justice warriors, warns of cancel culture – TheBlaze

Feb 22nd, 2021: Coke goes woke: Coca-Cola’s anti-white training video – TheBlaze

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