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June 23rd, 2021: Rage Within the Machine

June 23rd, 2021: Democrats Rage After Massive Elections Power-Grab Fails

June 22nd, 2021: Is THIS the Worst Ever Piece of Legislation?

June 22nd, 2021: BREAKING: Democrats Vote to Take Over Elections

June 21st, 2021: Iran’s New President Presents a Massive Problem for Biden

June 21st, 2021: Who Is This New Iranian Leader?

June 21st, 2021: Iran Elects Mass Murderer as Next President, While US Begins Lifting Sanctions

June 19th, 2021: Lab Leak Theory: Truth, Lies, & Science – Sekulow TV

June 17th, 2021: Why Is Vladimir Putin So Excited After His Meeting With President Biden?

May 12th, 2021: Grenell: Palestine-Israel Conflict is the Result of a Weak Biden Policy

May 11th, 2021: Radical Left Proven Extremely Wrong by Jay Sekulow

May 11th, 2021: From Peace to Terror: Why Hamas Believes Now Is the Time to Strike

May 11th, 2021: From Peace to Terror: Why Hamas Believes NOW is the Time to Strike

May 11th, 2021: THIS is the Consequence of Weak Policy

May 11th, 2021: Israel Under Fire

May 11th, 2021: BRINK OF WAR: Hamas Launches 500 Rockets at Israel

May 10th, 2021: BREAKING: Israel Under Attack as Hamas Fires Rockets into Jerusalem

May 6th, 2021: Mr. Blinken, What Kind of American Secretary of State Are You?

May 6th, 2021: Iran Releases Propaganda Video of US Capitol Exploding

May 6th, 2021: The FBI is Out of Control

May 5th, 2021: Jordan Sekulow: The FBI is Out of Control

May 4th, 2021: Is It Time to Abolish the FBI?

May 5th, 2021: The Nerve Center for Terror & Hate Against America

April 28th, 2021: Pompeo: Our Worst Fears About John Kerry and Iran Have Come True

April 27th, 2021: Grenell: This Double Standard is Unreal

April 26th, 2021: Breaking: ACLJ Secures Big Win Against the Deep State

April 16th, 2021: Biden IGNORES BORDER CRISIS

April 14th, 2021: All Eyes on Afghanistan As Our Troops Prepare to Head Home

April 14th, 2021: Pres. Biden to Announce Full Withdrawal from Afghanistan. Overdue or Ill-Advised?

April 14th, 2021: Scary Violations of Human Rights

April 14th, 2021: China Flexes Military Muscle on Taiwan – Will They Go To War?

April 13th, 2021: This “Bonehead Idea” Could Lead to Absolute Executive Power

April 12th, 2021:: Road to Tyranny: Start by Eliminating Checks on Executive Power

April 12th, 2021: Criminals Raking in Millions Per Day at the Border – Sekulow TV

April 10th, 2021: Information Warfare: The Battle for Unredacted Truth

April 9th, 2021: ACLJ, Members of Congress File in Court over Biden’s Massive

April 8th, 2021: ISRAEL BETRAYED: Biden Admin Resumes Aid to Palestinians, Despite “Pay for Slay”

April 8th, 2021: Biden’s Backdoor Funneling of Your Tax Dollars to Key Sponsor of Terror

April 6th, 2021: FAKE News “HIT JOB”: CBS Edits DeSantis, Pushes Falsa Narrative

April 5th, 2021: Georgia Voting Law: MLB Bows to the Radical Left

“Massive Lawsuits: Federal Agencies Unlawfully Hide China/Swalwell Information”

“Existential Threat to America – Cold War 2.0 is Happening Right Now”

Former CDC Dir Confirms Conservative Conspiracy Theory” is highly Likely: Covid Originated in China Lab

March 25th, 2021; Watch “ACLJ Presses State Dept. on John Kerry’s Secret Meetings with Iran”

March 25th, 2021: Watch “ACLJ Presses State Dept. on John Kerry’s Secret Meetings with Iran”

March 19th, 2021: Biden’s Illegal Aid Plan Will Strengthen Terror Funding

March 19th, 2021: Highlighting Ongoing Atrocities by the Myanmar Army, Demanding Action at the U.N.

March 18th, 2021: Freedom Under Fire: The Assault on American Values

March 18th, 2021: The Many Challenges Posed by Biden White House

Watch “ACLJ’s Newest Asset in Our Fight for Freedom – Sekulow TV” on YouTube

Feb 23rd, 2021: Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Joins the ACLJ as Senior Counsel for Global Affairs | American Center for Law and Justice

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