Wendy Rogers: 2020 election in Pima

I’m Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers, the Trump-endorsed Arizona Senator fighting to audit the 2020 election and create a culture of audits nationwide. I need your help- to fight to clean up our elections!

Monday was the hearing on the 2020 election in Pima. A lot happened, and you need to know, so let’s get into it. 

Pima County had an unusually large number of anomalies for the size of the county.

A private investigator who investigated the 2020 election and allegations of fraud had a lot to report. 
According to Real America’s Voice, we found out for the first time:

Witness testified that labs used to certify voting machines in Arizona were NOT accredited as required by both State & Federal law. Specifically the “Help America Vote Act”. They also failed to submit docs re: conflict of interest, major shareholders, etc.

Liz Harrington reports:

Canvass of 172 homes in Pima County found 62 early ballots where voter is not a resident

45 PERCENT were potentially fraudulent 

And only 52% of houses responded

In fact, there were a number of towns with more registered voters than voting age population!

Topawa, Arizona

Voting Age Population: 182

Registered “Voters”: 288

158% Registration Rate

With single locations having 173 registered “voters”

Then there’s this town:

Welcome to Sells, Arizona

Voting Age Population: 1,375 

Registered “Voters”: 2,762 

More than DOUBLE registered voters than population

This one is my personal favorite:

Frat house in Arizona has 27 registered voters.

Their average age?


In order to believe there was no fraud in 2020, you’d have to believe that the Will Farrell movie “Old School” was a true story, in Pima, AZ. 

As for me? I’m not buying it!
Towns with twice the number of registered voters as voting age population. 

Frat houses with an average age of 45. 

Uncertified machines. 

Arizona was stolen in 2020. 

We need to get these facts out. People don’t understand how bad this problem is- and how the cracks in the system are abused. We need to get this info out!

This is just why we need audits to uncover the fraud. Help us audit every election! 

Fraud will continue if we don’t raise the alarms about it. Will you help me beat the fraud by contributing to my campaign?

Thank you so much,
Wendy Rogers, Lt Col USAF (ret)
Arizona State Senator
Arizona’s 6th Legislative District
P.S. George Soros and the leftwing billionaires are going to target my district again with millions of dollars in attack ads like they did last time. Will you help me fend off the attacks by contributing before the end of this month?

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